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We work with artists who believe in the power of creativity based on a wide and deep knowledge of our musical heritage and a unique and unquestionable talent. Our mission is to promote a broad room for freedom where every performer can express themselves, regardless of the musical genre or the venue. It is in this space that extraordinary music happens.

If attracting and retaining audiences is the key to the future of our industry, then we should focus on the natural renewal live music represents. MUSICA VIVA aims to foster that effort: live music and live artists as the only means to turn all music into something meaningful and truly contemporary.

Logo musica viva - international management

Juan Miguel Morales

Artist Manager

Only music is at the height of the sea.– Albert Camus

Listening to live music can be revealing, one can have an emotion similar to that of seeing the sea for the first time. This happened to Juan Miguel when he was a few years old, and ever since has he been passionate about music and all professionals who make it possible every day.

In 2019 he founded MUSICA VIVA as a project in which artists, programmers and promoters could meet, and today he is proud to say he has the confidence of many of them. Juan Miguel lives his work with the vision of a professional and the heart of an amateur, and continues to see the sea and work for music as if it were the first day.

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